Monday, October 8, 2012

Currently Lusting

I've been really dreaming of the items I mentioned below. Like harsh, reoccurring, wake up sweating dreams about needing these things in my life. Am I the only one that gets those sort of dreams? Let's just say, I really want everythingI mentioned below in fact, I think its a necessary need. I don't think I can survive without them...
I've been meaning to try the burberry eyeshadows for long while and although it may seem a little unnecessary to want such an expensive eyeshadow with more than a fair amount of comparable and cheaper alternatives, I still feel the need to have this in my possession. 

I really need a new foundation and I am sick and tired of still looking for the perfect one. According to many lovely beauty bloggers, Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is a product that need not be dismissed.

I've put aside the YSL Glossy Stain for a while, But now I come back with full force, wanting it more than I have ever wanted it before. I especially want it in the colour Violet Edition, which is this sultry berry hue. 

I don't really buy anything from Nars products anymore but I cannot dismiss some of the stuff that came out with the recently released Andy Warhol collection. If it isn't the palettes, or the lip glosses, its the nail lacquers I want!

What are you currently lusting for? Also, Happy Thanksgiving! I am trying to get ready quickly (with much failure) to go to my boyfriends house for dinner. Hope you guys have a wonderful evening and eats loads and loads of food, like I will. See you all a little later!