Monday, September 24, 2012

Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick

After the Givenchy Bloggers Event on friday, I wondered into the Holts Renfrew across the street to check out some of the more high end cosmetics that I don't usually get a chance to see very often. After passing by Burberry, deciding that it wasn't for me, I came across the Tom Ford lipstick collection. Tom Ford makes ultra luxurious lip products that match the oh so ultra luxurious price tag of fifty five dollars!

I knew I wanted to splurge a little and treat myself to a lipstick. I know normal people would have chosen a more "versatile" colour so that one can get ultimate use for the price one dishes out for it. I, however, decided to choose the most darkest, deepest and most seasonally limited colour in the collection-black orchid. 

Black Orchid is probably one of the most stunning deep berry colour I have ever come across. The shade is rich, smooth and pigmented and reminds me of a black cherry. It stains on the lips beautifully, giving you a powerfully wicked pout. 

Everything about the packaging screams expensive with its black rectangular tube and gold lines; it really is a piece of art. I don't hope to buy another one of these very soon but I will eventually treat myself to another lipstick, in a more wearable colour of course, sometime later. 

I hope you lovely ladies are having a wonderful week. It is getting a lot more chilly and I, personally, am enjoying it. Fall just happens to be my favourite season mainly due to the clothes that come out and the makeup haha! I just despise the heat and we had a particularly hot summer so I am glad the cool, crisp winds of fall swept it out of the air!