Friday, August 3, 2012

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Well, isn't that just a mouthful! Benefit's new "Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup" has got everyone talking. This new foundation released by benefit supposedly contains vitamins c and e to help prevent signs of aging whilst sporting a lovely dewy natural finish to imitate the look of skin. I was actually quite excited about this foundation for many reasons. I am a huge fan of luminous or natural finish products that feel like you are wearing nothing. When I heard that this was the formulation of HFOW I was excited. Secondly, benefit does not have a very extensive range of foundations in their line. The ones that do exist, however, are not exactly the best for darker skins. This line, however being very limited, do reach a little farther than medium tan. 

The two shades I received as samples from Sephora were considered the closest to my skin. The two are quite similar, however the both differ in undertones. The suckie thing about this line is that it only has about nine shades. Last time I checked, that is no where near close to being as extensive as it should be. Even though it is better than their other colour ranges, I'd imagine it would still be quite difficult to find your shade. If you do, then oh boy, you are in for a treat. 


Firstly, can we talk about the foundation packaging? I am a huge sucker for packaging and product design. The typography on this is just amazing. I love how it compliments the product design. The pump bottle is flawless. The bottom bit pushes the product up with each pump making sure you get every little bit of product out! Finally! They have mastered the pump system!!! 


Now enough about the packaging. Let's get to the good stuff. The formulation of this foundation is light  and runs a touch on the hand. However, when blended it spreads evenly and beautifully on the skin. Benefit classifies this as a light to medium coverage. I'd like to say the latter. It covered a lot of the slight discolouration I had on my skin, which lighter foundations don't tend to do, while remaining quite light and breathable on the skin. 


The finish is more on the dewier side but can be matted down with a good powder. If you are my shade, I'd consider looking into Amber because it leans more on the warmer side while Hazelnut has a touch more pink. It matched really well and made my skin look very hydrated and soft. Perfect for everyday! 

Benefit did very good this time and I no longer kick them (well, kind of still want to) for mostly catering to those of the lighter skin. Let me know if you guys tried this one out in the comments below! 

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