Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mascara Conundrum

I would say today's post is slightly different in topic to the usual stuff. Mostly, I write reviews, present swatches and other beauty topics that are more specific and detailed. Never do I talk about things in general. As in, topics that are just mindless chit chat, rants and possible confusions I face when it comes to beauty.  Sometimes I'll ask your advice, other times I'll just chatter on, probably of the nonsensical variety but I hope to add a bit more substance to my blog. I won't do it often, so I'd say its a noncommittal type of relationship but if you enjoy them, then hooray, if not, then oh well. I simply hope to spark discussion. 

Today's scholarly topic - mascara. My god people! Why is it so hard to find a decent volumizing mascara on the market? Am I missing something? I've tried a fair variety of mascara's, some of which don't do much or dry out too quickly to enjoy so the journey has been uneventful and very, very tiring. The subject causes much stress and I can barely hold my cool right now without going into rage... Needless to say, its been a bumpy road on the path to ultimate mascara perfection. 

What have you come across that hasn't disappoint? Please let me know. I am currently trying out some Dior one and its okay...

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