Monday, June 18, 2012

Lorac Wild for TANtalizer

I recently picked up the new summer Lorac kit from Sephora on a whim, simply because I did not own anything from the brand. I am very much a neutrals person especially of the bronze variety, so this kit really sparked my interest.

The colours in the collection are all quite shimmery and at first, that didn't seem to bug me. But when I came home to play around with the colours, the kit was yearning for a matte. I would have very much preferred if the eyeshadow palette came with some sort of matte brown colour just to break up the shimmer factor. The bronzer is also shimmery, but this didn't upset me as much since I do love a nice sheen to the skin. The lipgloss has a frosty-ish nature as well, but again, that wasn't such a big deal. 


The first eyeshadow, Fierce, is champagne like colour that leans a bit more tan. It sort of reminds me of Macs All that Glitters eyeshadow. The second shade is Tigris. It has very strong orange rust undertones whereas Panthera leans towards being more of a golden bronze shade. It isn't very deep but if your fairer this would look like a nice deep hue. If your darker like me, this is a very nice all over lid colour! The last shade Saber leans more on the purple hue and again, isn't deep enough for me to deepen my crease. Again, if you are more fair, this would work wonderfully. :)


Lastly, the bronzer is more of a highlighting bronze shade. It doesn't show up very well on my hand unfortunately because my arm is very tanned at the moment haha. I feel like this is quite different than most of the bronzers I own because it sort of has a rose gold hue which is super nice! I actually like this as a highlighting shade that I top over my matte bronzers and it isn't glittery. The lipgloss, Raoul, is a slightly shimmery peachy coral shade that has bronze and gold shimmers laced into it. It does feel a little sticky but applies quite opaquely on the lips. I am not so much of a lipgloss wearing person, especially if it has a lot of shimmers in it but this one seems quite nice and would work well amongst many skin tones.  

Anyways, the kit is quite nice. I think Lorac is a really great brand and it isn't talked about too much. I will definitely look into purchasing a few more of their other products. Also, sorry I've been gone a long time! How awful of me :( but I am back and I have quite a few things I want share with you guys! 

Have you tried anything from Lorac? If so, what do you recommend?

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