Friday, June 22, 2012

Clinique Chubby Sticks, Perfect for Summer

Usually in my everyday makeup routine I tend to neglect my lips. No matter how expansive my collection of lipsticks and lip glosses is, they don't usually tend to get as much love as my other products do. So why then am I featuring these three new lip products I recently picked up today? Well, Clinique Chubby Sticks are like the best friend for those people, like me, who are not used to or too fond of wearing much on there lips are really looking for more of a balm. 

These Chubby Sticks (eek, the name!) are essentially glossy lip balms that have a nice hint of colour and are hydrating and comfortable on the lips! They come in a variety of colours (new shades released recently) and vary in opacity. I believe the most opaque colour in the lot is one called peony something or the other. 


I have no idea why it took me so long to try these but have found that I enjoy their company these days more than any of my other lip products. (They sit comfortably in my bag, always.) I chose three shades that seemed to flatter my skin and gave me the right amount of colour - perfect for summer!


I love the crayon like packaging, which makes application very easy as well the the twistable bottom that lift the product up - much better than using a sharpener.  Mighty Mimosa, I would say, is like a neutral pinky coral that looks very natural on the lips. The colour isn't terribly opaque but still shows up, especially on my pigmented lips. 

Mega melon, my favourite out of the bunch, is a more red coral and comes off nicely on my lips. It almost appears as though I drank some juice of bitten an apple. Basically, a very natural flush but on your lips? Lastly, A Whole Lotta Honey is a browned plum shade that appears like a very natural nude shade. Its subtle but still flattering. 

These chubby sticks don't sound like much but they are definitely something to look into. Its hydrating but not to greasy and has enough colour to make even the most colour shy person find it appealing! I highly recommend you look into it. For those of you who have, how did you find it?

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