Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nars Liberte Blush

I always get super excited when Nars releases a new blush in a collection. However, these past few blushes were a touch disappointing because they weren't as wearable as I'd like them to be. But the new summer collection that recently came out was very exciting. Nars' new blush, liberte got me extremely giddy, especially after seeing Jessica, of Getting Cheeky shared it in one of her posts. 

Just like Jessica said it, Liberte is "terracotta perfection." At first, I was a bit hesitant on the red undertones but once I wore it, it was absolutely lovely. The shade of red apricot really added a liveliness to my skin that I was not expecting. 

The formulation, like most Nars blushes, is smooth and highly pigmented. This particular shade is a matte finish which is something I like. It is very well pigmented however, I don't think you can overdo this blush. If you more fair, I think you would probably exercise a bit of caution in application but darker skin ladies need not worry. It cannot be easily overdone. 


I decided to to see if this particular blush was comparable to any other Nars blushers and picked out three others that I thought would be most alike. As you can see, the others do not compare. Amour, which is the closest blush to right of Liberte is way more pinky mauve where as Gilda, the one below it, is a lot more peach. The last shade, Taos, which is to the left of Liberte is considerably darker and more red. 


When swatched, the differences are more apparent. Taos still leans more red and Amour leans more pink. Gilda, however, seems to have a similar undertone of peach but is still a tad pinker and lighter. So what do we conclude? Liberte is a definite must have in you blush collection! I looked at some of the other blushers I had, but nothing seemed comparable. 

Did you buy Liberte? If so, how are you liking it? :D

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