Friday, May 4, 2012

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara

On one of my trips to Sephora the other, I decided to look into a new mascara since my favourite Makeup Forever Smokey lash had dried out. Why am I looking for a new mascara if Smokey Lash is my favourite, you ask? Well, because the darn thing dries out so quick, I barely get good use out of it! 

Thus, the search began. I checked out all the mascaras and their reviews on my phone, making sure the one I got next would not disappoint. I went through the populars like Bad Gal and They're Real along with some lesser known ones like Laura Mercier. I knew that I wanted volume, length wasn't much of concern for me. 

After closely analyzing wands, and texture while reading reviews on Sephora and Makeup Alley, I settled on Laura Mericer Full Blown Volume Mascara. (phew!!) This is an underdog of a mascara, according to most reviews. Although there weren't too many, all of them were extremely positive. I decided to take a risk and purchase. 

This is definitely an underrated mascara. The formulation of it is not too thick or runny, and has the right amount of "wetness" to easily coat the lashes with out making them runny. It does not flake and the colour is quite opaque. The brush itself is long and narrow, which I like, and isn't that spiky plastic material that I loathe so much! (Lashblast?) 

Does it volumize? I'd say yes, but not as much as I'd like it to. Do is lengthen? Definitely! Infact, more than I expected! With a few extra coats, the volume and length built up nicely with out clumping or flaking. I was really impressed. In fact, I love that it didn't look so obviously fake or overdone. Rather, it made my lashes look naturally long and volumized, which is something I really admire in a mascara. 

As you can see, it's not obnoxiously long or fake looking. The lashes are lengthened, blackened and natural! I think this is a really good everyday mascara and the formulation is perfect to layer with. If you want more volume, probably look for something else, but if you want something that is natural and does give some body and length, then I say, give it a go! 

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