Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

My boyfriend and I were just out and about and did a little window shopping when I spotted a store that sold a very large range of NYX Products. In Canada, NYX is only sold in select locations, so I was shocked to see the store carry the line. When I went to check it out, I saw their Soft Lip Creams. I have been wanting to pick some of these up for the longest times because nothing screams me than a matte lip cream. These come in a really nice variety of colours ranging from extremely bold to vary pale. Definitely something for everyone.

I quickly pulled out my phone to check some swatches online because I couldn't remember which colours I actually wanted. In truth, I wanted to get more, if not all, but ended up settling for these three. After all, the boyfriend was there and he often keeps me from going a little crazy.

The price tag on these were a little expensive at ten dollars each but I didn't mind spending that since I heard such great things about it. Later, when I got home, I found that I might have over paid for these as some people were able to get them for four dollars.

The first colour, Antwerp was the one colour I was most excited about. On the NYX website, the colours are completely off, especially for this particular colour. Online, the swatch reveals it to me more of a true peach colour but in real life it is actually more of pinky coral. I didn't really mind but I was a little upset that there was not a colour in the line like that. 

Milan, the next colour is typically the shade of pink I often turn to. It is more of a mid-tone blue based pink that could also go towards the mauve category. This colour reminded me a lot of Nars Sex Machine, one of my all time favourite lip colours. 


Lastly, I knew I couldn't leave without a nude. The collection offered three nudes (I wish I got the other two) but this colour London seemed like a hue I would turn to more frequently. Out of all the colours, this one is my favourite because It is has a strong peach undertone. When applied on the lip its the perfect nude colour!

I wore each of these colours since the day I purchased them and I found that they typically wear no more than four hours max, which isn't really long. You MUST moisturize your lips before applying the products otherwise it will emphasize the patchiness on your lips. The smell is often raved about so when I gave it nice good whiff I was taken aback by the yummy almost cake like scent. *drool* I love the smell of anything cake! 

The collection offers a really nice range of colours and I intend to pick up a few more colours in the future. Let me know if you have tried this product out!