Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mac In Extra Dimension, Tres Cheek, Reel Sexy

I posted my haul on youtube the other day and decided to post the swatches on my blog. I was very excited for these three new collections Mac released, which is something that doesn't happen to often. I didn't end up getting a whole lot but the items I picked up are very lovely. I can picture using them frequently, especially the blush and the new Mineralized Skin Finishes. I ended up picking up two out of there however I wish I got them all. 
Mac released a collection called, In Extra Dimension, which is collection that has a new type of mineralized products. I didn't get the eyeshadows because I have way to many so I settled on the Mineralized Skinfinishes. I was really impressed by the formulation of these two products. Normally, Mac's msf apply a lot more chunkier and really emphasize pores. These ones, however, are very smooth and almost have a creamy texture to them. Mac says they are suppose to have a liquid to powder sort of feel but I just think they are very finely milled and the product applies smoother giving the appearance of a creamy texture. 

Mac's Superb is a very nice pink toned highlighter that is not as cool as it appears in the picture. It does have slight gold undertones but not as prominent as the other two highlights. Mac Glorify is a straight up bronze gold than is very intense and pigmented. I imagine it would be gorgeous as both and eyeshadow and bronzer for the summer.

 The next collection Mac released was called Tres Cheek. I was extremely excited about this collection because I am, quite frankly, a blush hoarder. When the pictures were released online I knew I wanted at least half of the blushes pictured. However, when the swatches were released most of the colours were way to pale for my darker skin. Modern Mandarin was the only one I needed up picking up but to be honest, I could not be any happier. 

The last collection, Reel Sexy, was the least exciting collection for me. I only ended up choosing this lipstick in Reel Sexy because I thought the coral hue would look nice on my skin. I backed to mac for this one but I am a little disappointed by the colour. Although it looks intense, the colour is actually quite pale and the formula is a little drying. I also forgot to purchase Watch Me Simmer, but by the time I went back it was already sold out. 

Modern Mandarin and Reel Sexy look very similar. Modern Mandarin, however, has a a slight orange red undertone but it is very much a coral hue. I love this shade. It is the only bold blush that I enjoy wearing. As you can see, Reel Sexy is a lot more pale than the tube reveals. It isn't the most flattering colour on darker skin and appears more pink that coral. 

That is really all I got and I hope you found this helpful! What did you guys end up getting from the collections? 

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