Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dry Lips, Need Balm

I probably have the most chapped lips anyone has every seen. I drink loads of water, exfoliate my lips every time I brush my teeth and still they end up being dry and peely, or crusty. (yuck!) I am always in the search for the perfect lip balm and trust me, I have tried so many! I narrowed it down to three lip balms that work the most effectively, one that I have gotten from an order I put in recently. These are my dry lip saviours. 

I wear lip balm almost all the time. I wear it before I go to bed after my quite lucrative night time skin care routine, I wear it in the morning and many times during the day. I hate my chapped lips and these are the only things that seem to work well on me. Others, like Blistex and Soft Lips provide some relief for a few minutes and then some how tend to dry my lips even further. I doesn't know what it is but my lips just don't hold in the moisture. 


Co Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine came to me as a gift (probably an indication that my lips looked awful) and I didn't acknowledge it at first. I had never heard of the company and I was prepared to give it to my mom. But then, I tried it one day just cause I felt like it and low and behold, it did me good! This is more of lip gloss than it is a balm because it has some intense shine to it. It is also infused with peppermint oil so that you can have fresh smelling breathe. I love the feeling of minty things on my lips, it makes me feel fresh and clean. This really hydrates my lips and gives a nice intense shine, so I pop this over drier lipsticks for more when I the colour to look more glossy and still provide that hydration I so desperately need.  


I recently purchased this Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm from the apothica website along with my Becca product mentioned yesterday. Everybody, including Temptalia raves about this lip balm as being intensively moisturizing and I couldn't agree more. I tend to wear this most often now out of all the others because it has an spf of 25. It doesn't have that intense shine as the Co Bigelow product just for days that I want something hydrating. It also has that nice minty flavour I like. I think out of all the ones, this is my holy grail lip balm. It's the only one that really makes my lips soft and the added spf is a great attribute.  

For the longest time Smith's Rosebud Salve was my go to lip balm. It comes in this adorable tin and has a faint rose smell, which is pleasant and not overpowering. I use this for more than just my lips. I love it for my cuticles or dry patches on my skin because for some odd reason the rest of my body is dry as ash but my face is an oil slick. *sigh* This is not totally hydrating for my dry lips but I still carry it around me because it has multi-purpose use. Still, I recommend it anyone who is looking for that all in one product and who possibly doesn't suffer from such intense chapped lips as I do. 

All in all, these are three really solid balms. I think there good range of products here that provide hydrating qualities of different levels. The most hydrating being the Jack Black product and the least being the Rosebud Salve. I hope you guys found this helpful and you have any more suggestions for lip balms let me know! 

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*DISCLAIMER - provided me with a gift card to purchase the product mentioned in this post. Everything mentioned was my honest opinion. If you have any more questions you can refer to my Disclaimer page or contact me.