Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Becca Beach Tint Review

A few weeks ago I put in an order on the website for few things, including this Becca Beach Tint in peach and got the package within a week. (yay!) I heard a lot of excellent things about the Becca line but never had the chance to try out any of there products. After Jen of raved about it on one of her blog posts I knew I had to check the product out. I decided on the colour peach because, lets face it, I just love peachy hues, especially for the spring and summer months. 

Becca's Beach Tint's are water-resistant and can be used on both the cheeks and lips. It comes in an itty bitty tube that reminds me a lot of Mac's paints. The product it self has a gel like texture and can be a little runny if you don't give it a bit of a shake. Once its applied and blend out on either the cheeks or lips it stays put.

The colour it self can be described as more of a red peach and appears like a natural flush on the cheeks. On the lips, the product preforms like a stain. It's almost like I took a bite out a fruit and the colour naturally stained my lips. Natural is key here as the product works so well at achieving that look. I like to pat a little lip balm on top my lips before applying this so goes on more smoother otherwise it can go on a little unevenly. 


As usual, one generally takes a good whiff of the products they buy to determine the scent. Often times the scent can be a deal breaker to some, especially for those with ultra sensitive noses, like me. Holy smokes people, this smells like peaches - like really juicy, delicious peaches! I am definitely picking more of these beach tints because I just love how easy and natural it looks on the skin and lips. I recommend you check it out too!

*DISCLAIMER - provided me with a gift card to purchase the product mentioned in this post. Everything mentioned was my honest opinion. If you have any more questions you can refer to my Disclaimer page or contact me.