Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seriously Craving...

I rarely ever do any sort of fashion type of post on my blog but I was just so anxious about the spring weather that I decided to share with you some of the things that I HAVE to have this season. 

Currently, I am totally in love with the whole sandals and long skirts or dress things and I've always been a huge fan of pastel hues. They are, in fact, one of my favourite colours to wear and surprisingly, are fairly limited in my wardrobe. Zara and Aritzia are two places I love to shop and here are a few things that I cannot seem to get my mind off of. 

1. Wildred Cassandra Dress -
2. Zara Basic Sandal -
3. Zara Flat Jelly Sandal -
4. Zara Coloured Metallic Clutch -

Most of these items are from Zara but I couldn't help it! The gorgeous Flat Jelly Sandals are so pretty and so expensive for a flat. They will be mine though, just wait and see. The Wildred Cassandra dress is so calling my name. It is the one thing, out of everything mentioned here that I must have. I imagine wearing this the Jelly flats from Zara, a light wash denim vest and bunch of bangles and bracelets. *sigh* At 185 dollars, it sure will make my wallet cry. 

5. Zara Chain Belt -
6. Zara Asymmetric Crape Dress -
7. Zara Two-Toned Sandal -

When I used to work for Club Monaco, they had a very similar belt to the Zara Chain Belt but that one costed almost a hundred dollars. This one is way more affordable ($30) and it looks just so nice with dresses and skirts. I also adore the high-low trend going! It is so perfect for my short self because I can wear long skirts but still show my cute shoes and a bit ankle. I especially love the mint green one that Zara has, among some other wonderful hues.

Well, I hope this post didn't bore you. What are you currently craving at the moment? Also, notice anything different about the blog? ;)