Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Review

Nars recently released their much awaited tinted moisturizer into the market quite late into the game, I think. Many and most brands have some formulation of a tinted moisturizer in their line and I was really waiting for Nars to pick up the hint and get one into the masses. Thankfully they listened, and boy do they give others a run for their money! Nars is really well known for its foundations so it's only natural that this particular product would be a hit with everyone too. 

Nars described this product as "a lightweight oil-free tinted moisturizer [that] immediatly helps thirsty skin feel hydrated. It had been proven to help reduce the appearance of discolouration and dark sports caused by hyper pigmentation for a clearer and brighter complexion in just 4 weeks. It obscures the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores and other imperfections. Oil-free. Paraben free. Synthetic-frangrance free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist Tested." 

I haven't had much luck with tinted moisturizers and I have tried my fair share of products. I've tried Laura Mercier, Smashbox, MAC, among others, and find that they didn't sit well on my oily skin. In the end, I figured that my skin wasn't clear enough or too problematic for a lightweight foundation and that I required something with more pigmentation and coverage. So, then, why is Nars Pure Radiant any different from all the other ones I mentioned above. Nars' Tinted Moisturizer is a lot more pigmented than most giving me a tad bit more coverage without being heavy like a foundation. It blends beautifully and covers enough of my skin so that it looks fresh, dewy and hydrated. 

 The weird thing about this product is it does something quite the opposite that most products would normally do. Instead of applying more matte and become more dewy (or oily) during the day, Nars has it in reverse. When I first applied this product, I was a bit hesitant. I have oily skin and as soon as I applied this it was a little too dewy and shiny for my liking. However, after the product sat on my skin a little longer, it settled in and became more of a semi-matte, still glowy, finish. I was sold. 

I have been using this now for a little over a week and I have fallen in love. I haven't seen any real difference or noticed any change in what it claims to do (Correct discolouration and hyper pigmentation) but I do not care for that aspect too much. Currently, I am using products that are helping me with that issue, so even if it did make a difference I probably wouldn't notice or accredit that to the product. If it does, then I can only say this to be a HG, uber fantastical product! I think the colour range is really quite nice and I find that this shade (Cuba) works really well with my skin colour.

Definitely give this product a go because it is slowly becoming one of my favourite face products yet. Also, let me know if you have noticed any changes or brightening affects in your skin or whether or not this product worked for you!