Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Sleek Makeup Haul

People talk a lot about Sleek Cosmetics and I just couldn't take it anymore. That was when I decided to order a few things on their website just to see what the hype was all about. I was pretty selective of the items I choose although some of things I really wanted were out of stock. The items I chose are really great and I cannot wait to place another soon. One thing though, Sleek's Customer Service is atrocious but despite this they managed to ship to me within a week!

So I selected one palette (after much consideration), two blushers, one lipstick and their infamous contour kit. Let me tell you how much I squealed when I came home to see the package near my door.


Also, a quick note before I get into detail about the products. Can you believe that this only costed me 36 dollars without shipping (which was a tad steep)? I cannot believe how affordable all this stuff was and I am now beginning to understand what all the hype is about.


There were so many blushers that I wanted to get but they were mostly out of stock. I was happy though, that I got my hands on the Life's a Peach blush. This colour is a light-medium peach shade that has build able pigmentation. At first, I thought that this blush was a little too light for my skin but I found that if I build a little on the colour, it would show up quite nicely. 

The second blush, Sahara, was mostly bought on a whim. A lot of people disliked this colour because it was too orange brown for them and I did too when I first saw it. However, I think this is a really nice women of colour friendly blush because it appears really nicely on the skin. It's quite pigmented and as my earlier description suggests its a very orange based brown.

I heard a lot of great things about the Sleek Contour kit so I knew I had to purchase this as well. I was a little stuck on which colour to get but after a bit of research I decided on the Medium. This is perfect for my skin. I would say if you have tan skin and are no darker than an NC45 then this is a good one of you. The brown is not orangey at all the shimmer side is very pretty leaning more on a cooler gold then a warm one. 

I really wanted to buy more than one palette but decided to settle for one, Oh So Special. I chose this one because I really liked the range of shimmers and mattes. I love peach colours especially for spring/summer, so that is what sold me most on it. I also appreciated the nice range of matte brown shadows they had.  


Lastly, I picked up one lipstick. Again, I wanted to grab a few more but they were sold out. This lipstick called Barely There is in its sheer formulation although I thought it was pretty pigmented. It is a very nice everyday shade that has subtle coral pink hues. It's a little more pink than coral though, but its there!

I really like the packaging on the lipstick and all the products I received. The lipstick had a weird oval shape and the other products were a pretty sturdy plastic. It was almost Nars-ish but it didn't have the rubber exterior that tends to get filthy very quickly.


As you can see, the Life's a Peach just barely shows up on my skin and I had to layer it a few times to get this much pigmentation. On the other hand, Sahara doesn't appear so awful as everyone seems to describe it. I think it's very pretty. The lipstick doesn't seem so sheer either but can you see the touch of coralness in it? Just a touch!

Majority of the colours in the palette were nicely pigmented, with the exception of a one or two that were a little to crumbly for my liking. The matte shades are very smooth and apply very nicely. The black, as you can see, is very, very pigmented.


Lastly, I really like the contour kit because it is very pigmented and has a more cool but not too cool undertone (If that makes sense). Thus, it won't appear ashy on my warmer complexion. Like I said earlier, this is perfect for those who are around my skin tone as well. 

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will definitely be putting in another order soon, especially for the Pout Polishes which I completely forgot to look into. *hits head* I also did a little revamping to the blog. A few things were bothering me with the old layout so I switched a few things around. Let me know what you think!