Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 2011 Luxe Box: Holiday Edition

Everybody and their mum have been talking about these fairly new monthly subscription boxes. These boxes contain deluxe samples and sometimes full size products that were specially selected by a group of "experts". Loose Button's Luxe Box, is among those monthly subscriptions and is the one I decided to give a try. When I received it in the mail today, I was completely giddy with excitement. When I opened it, I was in for a surprise. Disappointment. Utter disappointment. 

The box was nicely packaged and the cute little button was whimsical. The card in the box talked about the products included as well as tips on how to use them. The sticker said my name on it, which was a nice personal touch.

With a little bit of research, I found that others received slightly different products. I also saw that some people received full sized China Glaze nail polish where as I got a cheapie NYX eyeliner... 

I am not a big fan of receiving scents as part of the kit because I have very sensitive skin and nose. I think I'll just toss these in little christmas goody bags for others or save them as additions to giveaways. The shower gel by Yves Saint Rocha was probably the more nicer things and it does smell quite nice. But then again, its a shower gel..nothing luxurious about that.

I thought the stuffing was really cute to look at though....

The DDF advanced firming cream is honestly something I'd probably give to my mother, but I will give it a try just to see. Lastly, the chocolate was cute and was probably my favourite thing out of the entire thing. However, I didn't pay ten dollars to get perfume samples I could probably get for free at any beauty counter and a chocolate. I am thinking I might give them one more month to redeem themselves but one thing is for certain, some of the other monthly subscriptions are looking a lot more appealing right about now.

Do you have a monthly sample subscription to anything? How do you like? What did you think of this month's Luxe Box?