Friday, November 18, 2011

Royal & Langnickel Silk Green Line Brush Review

I was invited to the special Royal & Langnickel Bloggers event on the day that I attended IMATS and was given a nice introduction to the brand by the lovely, Susan Kelly, the Director of Sales and Marketing. After a little briefing, I was given the brush kit below to review and test out for you guys. 

This particular brush set is called the Silk Green Line, which is a brush line geared towards to the eco-conscious consumer. The brush case is made out of a sustainable cork and the the inside is lined with an organic cotton coloured with vegetable dyes. The brushes, itself, are blend of synthetic fibres while the handle is 100% bamboo. 

The price tag of this set is a little hefty, at $120 dollars and if I hadn't received it to review, I would have probably not purchased it my self. However, the kit does come with 12 full size brushes including a double ended brow and lash groomer. If we work out the math for this, (time to whip out the calculator) it comes to just ten dollars a brush, which is actually quite affordable. BUT do the brushes preform well enough to justify the price tag?

The fibres on these brushes are really really soft, which is plus for me because of my sensitive skin. Often times I find natural hair brushes to be a little to coarse for on my face because it tends to create little red bumps due to irritation. Hence why I prefer synthetic fibres because they are incredibly durable and incredibly soft. However, the one thing I would have probably wished for were for these brushes to be a little bit more dense and tightly packed, especially for some of the larger brushes.

 Some of these brushes, though, do preform quite well and I find my self reaching for the powder brush (last brush to the left) because it nicely distributes product on to the face. One brush that is a little annoying is what R&L labeled as the "liner" brush. This brush is WAY too big to use for liner brush but is way to small to really use for any crease work, so I am not really sure what to do with it...probably a lip brush, but I already have one of those in the kit.

Overall, I haven't experienced any shedding and when washing these brushes they are a little difficult because they are a synthetic fibre. Other than that one little pesky brush that I wish was a lot smaller to use for a liner (Mac 210, possible?) then I would have absolutely no complaints about the set. BUT, if I was to too look at all the other features of this brush set, I'd give a thumbs up!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free at the Royal & Langnickel Bloggers Event at the Toronto IMATS. It was given to me to be tested out and could be used to review on my blog but I was not asked to do so specifically. This review was not paid for and is a completely honest representation of my opinions.