Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Review & Lily

There has been a lot of talk fluttering around the blogosphere about Hard Candy's Glamoflauge concealer and I can see why much of the feedback has been positive. It's formulation is comparable and if not better than the Makeup Forevers Full Cover Concealer. It's opaque, creamy, blendable while setting to a nice semi-matte finish. 

The only problem I face is the colour range. Hard Candy released four shades for this product, all of which remain in the more lighter spectrum of colours. The darkest colour, featured here, is no where near my skin colour. (NC44) While the texture is dreamy and the pigmentation near perfection, (especially for those gosh darn awful dark circles) I just wish they had extended there range a tad so that it was open to more of a wider range of skin tones. 

I envy you if you fall under this colour range for this concealer because I strongly believe that it would have become an HG product. If you do then its price tag (6 dollars at Walmart) will definitely be something to check out.

I apologize for the poor depiction of the product, a little one eyed monster interrupted my  photo shoot.

Everybody meet Lily, my new little kitten that I adopted from the Humane Society on Saturday. I recently had to put down my much loved baby, Kallou, who was a part of my life for 13 years. After his passing, my life felt empty and my other baby, Tink, was lonely. I saw this little cutey and her one eye just made her incredibly loveable.

She was found at a very young age as a stray and had a badly damaged eye that had to be surgically removed, leaving her with only the other eye. Honestly, she looks like she is constantly winking at you and I think it just makes her even more unique. Her personality is amazing and she reminds me a lot of like Kallou. 

Wouldn't let me photograph the concealer....

Also, I'd like to thank Natalie of nattyngeorge.blogspot.com for featuring me on one of her blogposts! After that I received a flurry of new followers and I am so happy and thankful! Hope you guys enjoy my blog and continue to follow!