Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Peaches & Pinks

Peaches and Pinks or any combination of the two are my favourite shades to wear in summer. I find peach and pinks hues, or peachy pink shades flatter any skin tone so I decided to showcase a few products that <3 for your viewing pleasures. 

Peach nudes are my favourite nude colours to wear, both for everyday and dramatic looks. Mac's Dressmaker, Dressmaker & Shy Girl are two really great colours for the summer, and really all year round. 

Benefit's Coralista is the epitome of peachy pink shades. Not only do their blushers come in really cute packaging but you get quite a lot then your average Mac blush. It's soft sheen acts both as an illuminator and a blush, making it well rounded product. 

On those days (most days) that I don't feel like spending hours on doing my eyeshadow, I pat a little bit of a peachy shade on the lids with a soft brown in the crease and go. Mac's Samoa Silk has a creamy consistency and warm peach hue that really warms up the lids while remaining natural. It's not completely neutral but isn't too bold. 

Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream in 10 is an ultra-pigmented, long lasting, water proof shadow in a vibrant and rich orange can be worn on either the cheeks, lips or eyes. (although it says not too) Blended out, the colours leans towards a warm apricot peach with gold shimmer the glistens under the sun.

If the colour is still a bit much on the lips, I like to add a really nice peach lipglass that gives the lips a lushes shine. Mac's Queen Bee Lipglass was a limited edition gloss that I got from a sale a while ago and remains one of my go to glosses in the summer. 

I LOVE Nar's Gina & Taj Mahal, especially in the summers. Although Taj Mahal appears bright and scary in person, like the Makeup Forever Cream shadow, once blended out, it softens to a nice warm golden peach. Gina, on the other hand, is a true peach, as true as it gets.


 Have a nice day ladies ;)