Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mac Semi Precious Collection: Warmth of Coral

Nothing really quite caught my attention from Mac's Semi Precious Collection other than this one blush. Warmth of Coral appeared to me more peach with darker peachy brown veining. Swirled into the mix are a few wisps of light pink that softens and brightens the colour without really adding an obvious pink undertone. 

Temptalia said the closest dupe for this shade was Peaches, however, since I do not own it, I trust her judgement. The shade is quite soft and decently pigmented, though I wish the peachiness was a bit more obvious. 

I've actually yet to try this on my cheeks and I am afraid that its softness might be too soft for my dark olive skin. On my arm it swatches a little light, so I'd assume that anyone lighter than me can carry this shade quick well. However, those darker might need to approach this with caution-I foresee ashiness.

*edit - I tried it on, and oh my! It's way to ashy! Will be returning it *
P.S Did anyone check out those weird brushes?! What the hell is that all about? Maybe I need to try it before I am so quite to judge, but I don't know. It looks to me more like the hairs of Cruella De Vil.