Friday, July 8, 2011

#FF ❤ Three Lovely Blogs

Before friday ended, I wanted to point your eyes to the direction of these three wonderful blogs that I visit frequently.  
P.S Click on the images to take you to their lovely blogs :]

 My Funny Valentine is a really great beauty blog the features an exceptional array of high quality images on variety of different cosmetic products. From it's quirky name to the original posts, I personally love this blog because the author is both down to earth and stunning making anything she says believable and convincing. Also featured on Karen's, Makeup & Beauty Blog, Jenny would be sure to be on your top daily reads list. 

Simply, Ola is a fellow Canadian that hosts a lovely fashion and beauty blog. Her trendy style and great beauty recommendations is why I keep returning every few times a day. Her sweet personality and gorgeous smile (met her in person too!)  will lure you in. I'd love for you to check her out and give her some love. 

The Glossy Guide is a recent find and is quite new to me. Rachel has a lot of reputation for her fabulous lifestyle and fashion blog,, and no doubt this new blog will preform just as well, if not better! In fact, I recommend you check both blogs out since they are both exceptional reads!

Got any blog recommendations for me? I'd love to see your blog as well, so post the link in the comments! There is nothing more exciting then discovering a new blog!