Thursday, June 16, 2011

Current Loves: Being Bronzed

Here are a few products that I've been using non stop. I would normally call this a favourites post but I noticed a common theme; they are all bronzed shades. (With the exception of the brush, uh duh)

I have been wearing some other things but I, with out realizing, kept picking up for these rich bronze shades for the summer and I've been really loving it. I really like the look of a glowy bronzed face and eyes.

Mac Teddy Eye Kohl is the prettiest brown with redish gold sparkles eyeliner I've ever come across. It is just perfect on the lower and upper lash line for any bronzed up look. I was afraid of using browns because of my skin tone, but it was very pigmented and rich while adding as much dept to the eyes as a classic black liner would.

ELF Powder Brush is the brush to use and for only $3.00 how can you go wrong? It's tightly packed bristles apply powder, foundation and bronzer really well and buffs out anything. It's a multi purpose brush that I cannot live with out. I need another one of these brushes, in fact, I can buy five and still not break the bank.

This Mac Bronze eyeshadow has been in my collection for a really long time. I just have not actually used it until this summer and my does it look amazing on the skin, especially those of darker skin tones. It's really pigmented and leans more on the red side but is still incredibly warming. I love putting this all over the lid for a subtle sultry smokey eye. 

Mac Brown Down eyeshadow is a really nice matte warm brown that I recently purchased. I throw this in the out crease and on the lash line to deepen the look or for an alternative to a black liner. 

Nars Irresistiblement is a matte bronzer that is the perfect mix between a peach blush and a bronzer in one. It is very peachy and looks great on the cheeks and alongside the temples. It warms up my skin in an instant and is quick to use without having to decide what blush to wear. I am a huge fan of peachy shades on my skin. I was turned to this by dulcecandy, who uses it frequently. 

Mac Comfort Mineralized Skin Finish where have you been all my life? I purchased this in CCO after missing out on in when it was released in one of Mac's many collections. After getting hold of it, I can faithfully say that is the best glowy bronzy cheek product I have ever tried. The gold veining bounces light and makes my cheeks look natural and fresh. No greasy mess here. I will cry the day I see it hit pan.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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What has been your recent go to look for this summer?