Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crushed Metal Pigments

Crushed Metal Pigments (6g/$38.50) are a fairly recent creation from MAC that came out previously in a collection called the Spring Colour Forecast. Personally, I found this new set of pigments from the Surf Baby Collection a lot nicer because I like the colour range. I got one of them, the Surf the Wave set, from the collection as a present. 

Generally speaking, the value of these pigments is very good. The amount of product you receive for the price is a lot better than buying singular pigments from MAC, which is nice. 

These pigments come in two stacks although you could connect them into one stack. However, the interesting part about these pigments is the texture. Unlike the regular pigments, these ones are kind of crumbly and usual comes together into very miniature balls. (However, the gold is more of a ginormous blob of gold.) When applied, it feels more like a cream then a powder and can be tricky to work with because it can apply a little patchy or uneven. 

Gold is very creamy orange (although not as orange as amber lights) gold with very fine gold shimmers that translates well onto the lids. It can apply a little patchy but when used with a mixing medium, the consistency improves and is a lot more workable. 

Blue Green is a tough colour to explain. It's almost like MAC's Deep Blue Green pigment but less green and more blue. It has very fine teal and slight gold shimmers too it if you look very close. It's not as mushy as the gold so the texture is a lot nicer.

Seafoam is a very light silverish green that has very noticeable aqua shimmers in it. When applied on the lid, the shimmers are a lot more obvious and looks really flashy! It looks a little more silver in the pan but  does not show that way on the lids. It too applies a lot nicer than the gold.

Silver is probably the smoothest colour out of all the other pigments. It is quite simply, a silver with not obvious multi-colour shimmers. 

I really like these pigments but I might need to test out the blend-ability of these colours since the texture is so different from what I am used to. 

Have you purchased any of the crushed metal pigments? How do you find them?