Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Book Nerd: A Haul

Surprisingly, a lot of people got me novels of my birthday instead of makeup items or any beauty related things. I guess they all know that even though I am obsessed with makeup (enough to dedicate a whole youtube channel and blog too) they still no that my true and first love goes to books. 

I have a huge love for reading and have so for more that 10 years. It started out with my sister whom would allow me accompany her to her many bookstore outings. We'd spend hours with a cup of Starbucks coffee, browsing the isles of the abundant shelves lined with colourful and intriguing reads. She in the fiction isle and I in the teen section. I loved fantasy novels like no other. I loved the imagination accompanied by the endless stories of worlds unlike our own. Everything from faeries, magicians and mythical creatures. 

For one of the Christmases I received a huge red box with a white bow. In it contained something like 10 different fantasy novels from various authors. I think that was the best childhood present I've ever received. I devoured each and every book and continued going to bookstores with my sister, or alone (nowadays) to indulge my self in some therapeutic isle browsing, coffee in hand. 

Today my taste has changed. The one bookshelf I have is filled with fiction novels with many different stories. Stories about historical moments, stories about odd characters, stories about political conflict, and stories about India or foreign countries. I love them all. The books featured here are a few books I purchased and received as late birthday presents. I have only finished one of them, The Reluctant Fundamentalist which I loved and recommend to anyone. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you liked to read.