Monday, June 20, 2011

Bold Lips Baby

Brightly coloured lips are a strong statement this summer and is a trend that often others find a little difficult to wear, including me. However, such trends do not need to be followed meticulously. I find that, for a person who are afraid of such daring colours could easily try a more subdued tinge or wash of colour to still illustrate a pop of colour without getting its intensity. Keeping with the trend, here are a few of my very favourite hues that work well for the summer. 

Nars Schiap is a the ultra gorgeous blue based hot pink that is definitely not for the faintest heart. It's intense matte pigmentation is creamy and smooth on application without being drying on the lips. Nars Heat Wave has a similar consistency and texture. The colour, a bright fire engine red has very strong orange undertones that is perfect for the summer sun. 

Makeup Forever's lip pencil in number 18c is a true coral that is more on the pinkier side than orange or red. It's a softer but still bold colour that can be worn on its own without the accompaniment of a lipstick or gloss. 17c is a true orange, similar to the one that came out in MAC's summer collection last year. 

I find Makeup Forever's lip pencils to be extremely long wearing and with the added feature of being waterproof it is just perfect for the summer days on the beach. 

However, if you are not to fond of intensely pigmented lip shades or hoping to ease into the drastic coloured lips then I really love MAC's Cream Colour Bases. They are still bright but apply a lot more sheer. You can also use these on the cheeks for a natural dewy flush. 

Virgin Isle, which is the red coral shade can be found at pro stores. It has a very subtle coral hue that looks really soft on the lips. Magenta is a very pretty soft blue purpled pink that, despite its bold appearance, comes of very sheer with a tinge of pinkness to it. 

There are a lot more other shades in my collection and elsewhere that work really well with this trend. What are your favourite bold lip colours? 

Mine - NAR's Schiap.