Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Hair Diaries: Haul

I've never really been much of a hair person one. because I am handicap when it comes to doing to things make it look nice and two. because I never really took the time to invest a little money in my hair routine.

Naturally, I do go to a very reputed hair salon that uses top notch products and use high end shampoo and conditioner but when it comes to styling I keep it simple. I let it air dry and then I straighten it. 

After getting my hair cut two days ago, my stylist opted for a very natural simple haircut with a few layers and lots of volume. My hair is flat but wavy, oily but dry on the ends, and medium to thin. I have never been able to get the desired volume I so craved for a long time. Finally, I decided to invest in a hair dryer (yes, I never owned one! Shock!) and got a few hair tools and products bought from the lower end of the spectrum to the higher end, just so I could test them out and determine how well they work. I will post a few reviews and film some as well as I take this little journey to figure out how to style my hair. 

A Hair Diary, if you will, of a girl who really knows nothing about hair and how to handle it. 

I normally get Goldwell shampoo because it is the one my stylist uses and I am quite pleased with the results. I switched it from my hydrating formula to a volume formula so I can get that extra bounce. I also purchased Redken's Natures Rescue Shampoo, and didn't bother to get the rest, (-__-) which is a fail on my part, so I will be going back to get this.

Redken's Nature Rescue line is especially appealing to me because it contains no parabens, sulfates or silicone. It's a detoxing shampoo that is used to remove imperfections, pollution and product build up that accumulates over time. This is great for me because I have oily hair and I will be trying out all these new products. I will switch this is in every now and then to thoroughly cleanse my hair.

Along with the shampoo's and conditioner, I purchased two Sebastian products that have received rave reviews. The hairspray to get hold, obviously and the last item to provided thickness and volume. Let us see how this works out.

Drug store products or lower end products are very much capable of preforming well as higher end products. After looking at reviews, I decided to pick up these three Got 2b items to test out as well.

I will be doing a comparision review on the lower end Got 2b Fat-tastic thickening mousse versus the higher end Sebastian Thickefy Foam.

Any recommendations for this newbie hair lady?