Friday, April 15, 2011

MAC Mineralized Blushes Collection & Swatches

I still have loads of stuff to swatch and put onto this blog, including the remainder of the eyeshadow palettes and the blushes but then I started to think.
Do you guys like it when I upload and post loads of swatches or do you want something more out of this blog?
I am going to put a poll up on the side of what you guys can vote on what you want to see most from here. Any who, I decided to swatch all my mineralized blushes (small collection) like I do with everything else. At first, I did not care of the blushers because I was in fear of the glitter content. But after playing around with them and trying them out, I really do like the effect it gives to the skin. I will be picking up a few more as new ones get released.

 I only have two mineralized blush duos. Hot Planet, which is the one on the left side is an interesting rose coral colour. The mineralized side reminds me a bit of petticoat and stereo rose. The solid part is a very nice rosey pink, and when mixed you get this sort of hybrid coral rose colour that is really stunning on darker or tanned women.

Light Over Dark has to be my favourite and on the top of my most used and loved blushes. It is a very pigmented bronze copper colour that I love using in the summer (solid side), which is the side I use the most. The mineralized bit is a very shimmery light bronze colour and when mixed, its as if some pinkiness gets infused into the colour and it ends up being more of a bronze rose colour. Again, very women of colour friendly.

These colours, I believe, are still permanent. Gleeful is has a strong red base that reflects more like a winter flush. Gleeful is a very nice cool pink that reminds me a lot of Stark Naked, which happens to be my all time favourite blush. Warm Soul is great for tanned skin because it has a very warm peachy tone that really warms up and compliments the skin. It's one of those, you don't have to think about it, colours.

Fini :D Check out the poll and cast your vote guys!