Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NARS Single Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

I don't have a particularly large NARS eyeshadow collection, some of which I am not to fond of either. For some reason, I really love NARS' more neutral colours that are to the right of the image. 

COCONUT GROVE - Dark chocolate brown that is completely matte and creamy and smooth in texture. It is one of my more favourite Nars eyeshadows. Another one I really want to get is Mekong. 

GALAPAGOS - Chocolate brown laced with gold shimmers. Is amazingly pigmented but a little hard to work with due to the glitters. When I apply it the glitters often fall or do not adhere to lid. I recommend using a good sticky base to catch the shimmers so it stays put. 

NIGHT CLUBBING - From the Night Collection, it is a black with gold shimmers. Exact same consistency and texture as Galapagos and has the same issue. It is still a really nice black and is a great alternative to a matte black because it is a lot more fun to wear!

NIGHT PORTER - Also from the Night Collection, this black with green is shimmers is supper pigmented and looks like a deeper darker version of MAC's Humid eyeshadow. The consistency is butter like looks so pretty with greens, taupes and browns. 

CYPRUS - An almost neutral tone light gold that is the perfect everyday shimmery eyeshadow. Not matte but has more of sheen. 

DAPHNE - Not quite like Makeup Forever #92 because it is a tad bit more blue and darker. Its a matte and its pigmentation is chalky and does not apply evenly. When concentrated in one specific region with a dense brush you get almost the colour that appears in the pan. 

STRADA - Same buttery feel as Galapagos but looks nothing like it on the lid. The colour in the pan is a beautiful lilac with gold shimmers but once applied and blended turns into a light grey. Very disappointing for a potentially stunning colour. 

TROPIC - Underneath all the in our face silver glitter chunks lies a really nice matte turquoise tealish blue that looks really nice on the lids. It does apply a bit unevenly but can be worked when properly layered with a good base. 

GRENADINES - This cool pinky red is matte and has pretty good pigmentation. It is much darker than MAC's post haste or passionate and can work very well as a blush.