Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Had Me At Hello - Wet n Wild Coloricon

Finally got my hands on the Wet n Wild Coloricon Palettes from Walgreen's here in Ohio. Even though I am on vacation I still wanted to do a few posts. I also purchased the other two, Petal Pusher and Comfort Zone, which will also be put up a little later.

Some of these colours are incredibly pigmented. The silver out of the first the row is very smooth and creamy. The blue is a deep navy with obvious glitters and the white is very frosty. The black is more like  a satin and is fairly pigmented as well!
The second row of colours are a little bit more brighter, The first shade, like the silver, is very creamy and is like a pale aqua blue. The next colour is the most prettiest out of the entire palette and is like a teal colour. I heard it was similar to MAC's discontinued Parrot eyeshadow. It is still very pigmented but not as pigmented as the latter. The blue reminds me freshwater type blue but is a little bit darker. The last colour is the disappointment. It is supposed to be a black with silver shimmer flecks but is neither pigmented nor shimmery. Well that's it!