Thursday, February 3, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Set - Swatches

Holy moly, Urban Decay really out did themselves with this awesome possum 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner set! In celebration of their 15th Year Anniversary, Urban Decay created this set of 15 eyeliners, including 5 new shades at a banging price of $110 CDN, which works out to be a little less than $10 a piece. You are practically getting 10 eyeliners for free and paying for the other five! I had to jump on this deal especially since I heard that Urban Decay was releasing a new black liner, Perversion, which was going to a more intense and darker Zero! I know huh! Low and behold, it is and not by a little but by a lot. It makes Zero look like a charcoal colour in comparison. 

Stray Dog is like a taupe grey colour, similar to satin taupe eyeshadow. Corrupt is a more red tone brown where as Bourbon leans to the more orange side. I wonder how similar it is to Whiskey from my Naked Palette? Hmm.... Midnight Cowboy is a nude flesh tone leaning a little on the pink side and Baked is a high shine gold, very much liked Baked the eyeshadow.

Stash reminds me a lot like sumptuous olive by MAC because of the very strong yellow olive tones. Mildew, on the other hand, is a cooler green leaning to the grey side. Perversion is the blackest black I have ever seen with a slight sheen to it. Very very black! I really hope Urban Decay makes this permanent in their collection, because this looks like HG black liner product. Electric is a high frost sky blue with a bit of silver sparkle. Binge is a navy blue.

Ransom is a purple with obvious blue undertones too it. I believe it also has blue sparkles to it. Asphyxia is red tone violet with blue shimmers, very reminiscent of MAC's stars and rockets eyeshadow. Zero was what I thought to be a true black however, in comparison to Perversion, it pales and makes out to be more of a dark charcoal colour. Uzi is a dark smokey grey colour. 

These are comparisons of some of the black eyeliners I own. I do not have Makeup Forever's Aqua Liners in Black unfortunately. As you can see MAC's Smoulder comes close to perversion but is still not as black. Smoulder is horrid to work with anyways as it smudges everywhere on me. Again, I hope UD makes Perversion permanent.

Urban Decay did an excellent job producing these liners and are, in my opinion, one of the best on the market. I strongly recommend you purchase this if 1) you love coloured eyeliners and 2) want a great deal! I also recommend them if you are new to the brand because this is a good representation of the company. Anyway, see you later guys! I'm on a no hauling strike...(let's see how long that is going to last)