Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Makeup Wars - A New Series

Presenting.... "The Makeup Wars"! Essentially, what I will be trying to do is post this series once a week comparing two products, which are similar in comparison, to go against each other in epic battle warfare! Sounds exciting right? It is, trust me. The two products will go into an in dept analysis (attempt to) using a complex rating system that will break down into five categories:
  1. Value - Basically, how much dollar per gram or fluid ounce you get in that product. (/20)
  2. Consistency/Texture - How does the product feel, blend and wells as how the product translates onto the designated area. For instances, how would this rather sheer lipstick look on pigmented lips, etc. (/40)
  3. Ease of Use - How long does this product last in comparison to the other product? Is it easy to use or do I have to really work at it to make it look right? (/20)
  4. Packaging - Although packaging is not that big of a priority, it does matter is it breaks easily or does not extend the life of the product if it has a poor securing system. (/10)
  5. Overall - My overall impression of the product and comments and whether or not I would re-purchase the product.  (/10)
Total Score out of 100

There we have it folks! I might over time perfect this system but for now this is basic system I will use to rate and ultimately determine the winning product. I will also pose the question to you guys, in which you too will decide, through personal experience, which one you like better. At a certain cut of date, I will post the results and have two winners called the Editors Choice and the Readers Choice

To suggest products to participate in this epic warfare email me at highonmac@hotmail.com or post a comment below.