Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Makeup Wars: MAC vs. NYX Lip Liners & Swatches

 So we have our first battle between two well known brands, MAC Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics. Before we get into the review, let me brief you guys on the two brands and there general reputation as a company. MAC Cosmetics is a well-known worldwide brand that has many, including my self, religious followers. NYX, on the other, is a well known North American drugstore brand known for its high quality cosmetics at affordable prices. What better way to compare to major brands, from two different spectrums, to be apart of this awesome battle that is the Makeup Wars!!

From top to bottom: Currant, Beet, Redd, Magenta, Dervish, Subculture, Boldly Bare, Strip Down
The MAC Lip Liners are available at all store locations including those found at the Bay/Macy's as well as online at maccosmetics.ca The colour range is fairly decent and carry some of my favourite colours like Magenta and Currant along with some other shades that are staples in my collection. So, I will approach this with an unbiased mind to the best of my ability. 

These lip liners go for $15.50 CDN and contain 0.05 OZ or 1.45 G. How much value does that work out to be? 
0.77 cents per oz and $10.69 for 1 G
Once you break the numbers down, you do seem to pay a lot for the product in comparison to some other brands, but it is still a lot more affordable them some higher brands Makeup Forever and NARS.

Swatched on the skin, this lip liner has a hard tip and almost matte texture. I do know that, with the exception of the others, Dervish lip liner does have a bit of shimmer but it still maintains the matte finish.  At first, I thought that these would be on the drier side but once swatched on the lips it glided on quite effortlessly. That is, if you lips are well moisturized. If they are not, this does tend to grab a little on to the drier areas, so make sure you moisturize before applying.

These pencils last a really long time on the lips. (8 Hours or so) Only after the 7th hour or so did it begin to fade a little with wear. It doesn't transfer easily and does generally keep my lipstick lasting a lot longer.

Packaging of the lip liner is standard to MAC brand. The cap is well secured onto the pencil and doesn't come off during travel.

Overall, I really like these lip liners but I do worry that those who have more drier lips will find that this lip liner does not glide on easily. However, like I said above, if you apply a balm prior to application, it virtually eliminates the problem. Another thing that is not so pleasant, is the price point. Although its not outrageously priced, it is a lot more expensive to its competitor, NYX.

  1. Value: 15/20
  2. Consistency/Texture: 38/40
  3. Ease of Use: 18/20
  4. Packaging: 10/10
  5. Overall: 8/10

From Top to Bottom: Deep Purple, Pinky, Fuchsia, Coral, Rose
The NYX Slim Lip Liners can be found in various locations across North America and online at nyxcosmetics.ca They are extremely affordable and often drugstores have them for great deals. According to the website, however, these go for $3.99 CDN. These slim lip liners obviously indicate that they are on the smaller side and contain 0.04 OZ or 1 G of product. To simply put it in math you get:

.16 cents per 0.01 OZ or $3.99 per 1 G
So, at the looks of things, you seem to get a decent amount of product for the price its offered at. Obviously, when drugstores offer deals, the value of these puppies are a lot better! 

When I swatched the lip liner on my hand, it felt very creamy and glided onto my skin easily. It had a very slight sticky feeling to it that doesn't set. The same texture is felt on my lips when I applied it. The stickiness, if you can call it that, is not so obvious but the creamy texture does allow the product to glide a lot better onto the lips and blends fairly easily. The only problem is that a lot of product does seem to come off when you blend it, which in my books, questions whether or not it will last long. 

After testing it out for a few hours, the lip liner did fade and transfer onto cups like lipstick normally does, which is a little disappointing.

The packaging, as you can tell from above, is pretty decent, nothing really fancy and is cohesive with the rest of their line. It has a shiny black surface with a pretty secure lid.

Overall, the product is pretty decent for the price. They come a HUGE range of colours to pick from and for a decent price this would solve your lip liner fix. However, my only concern is the short staying power these have because they, in my opinion, need to be a little less creamy.

  1. Value: 18/20
  2. Consistency/Texture: 30/40
  3. Ease of Use: 12/20
  4. Packaging: 9/10
  5. Overall: 7/10
Although I know the winner is evident to you already, I'd just like to take a brief moment to go over what I said. The major downfall of NYX slim lip pencils was the consistency/texture and ease of use. Once that is improved, I feel like they would a really excellent product on their hands. The value of the product makes this a good product to look into as well as the huge colour range.

Despite the poor value, MAC excelled in a number of other areas. Although it a on the more expensive side, it is still cheaper than some other higher end lip liners. The ease of use and excellent texture helped boost its points. So, to conclude...the winner is *drum roll*