Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection - Swatches

So, I went to the event yesterday and totally forgot to bring my dslr camera! I am so upset about that because I really wanted to show you guys the products and how they looked like along with the sales associates and their awesome wonder woman shirts (which I must have).  To be honest, I already knew I wasn't going to get much because nothing really popped at it me. In addition, the packaging looked even more horrendous in real life then online. It looks, as you can tell by the pictures, like toys or play makeup. The box packaging I really liked! I wish they would have done the packaging so that it was more sophisticated and grown up. Anyways, I only purchased one thing and that was Golden Lariat MSF. I really like it, and boy is this thing HUGE! Take a look at some pics and swatches I took. Sorry to disappoint those who wanted more from the collection. I might look into some other stuff, but at this point I'm almost certain I won't get anything else.