Sunday, February 13, 2011

MAC Smokey Palette & Swatches

From Left to Right: Gesso, Crystal Avalanche, Pincurl*, Unkown, Retrospect
Silverthorn*, Knight*, Smoke & Diamonds*, Print
Contrast, Nehru, Plummage, Shadowy Lady, Carbon

This is a palette is rarely used in comparison to my more neutral palettes. However, in comparison to the other three, this one is mostly used for special night outs. Some of my favourite colours are in here, and all happen to be on the bottom row. Carbon, a matte black, is the most used eyeshadow and will be hitting pan soon. I rarely ever touch greys because they don't seem to look right on my skin. (This was during my phase of ZOMG I need all MAC eyeshadow now!)
 These shades are generally variations of white and are never ever used. The colour that remains unlabelled is unknown to me as I received it in a swap. Gesso, a matte white, is a little hard to work with because its texture is quite chalky. Crystal Avalanche, on the other hand, is quite pigmented and I assume would lovely as an inner corner highlight for lighter ladies. Pincurl is a special edition eyeshadow that has interesting properties. It first glance it looks like a muted grey white, but once it is titled in varying angles in looks pink and sometimes blue. Retrospect (incorrectly spelled on the image) is a chunky creamy sparkly white mess that can be credited to its Lustre formula.
 These greys are some of the more nicer greys I've come across and are okay to work with. Print is probably the more softest matte shadow ever and I believe its a Matte2. MAC definitely needs to re-introduce to new colours into the line as the formula is heavenly to work with. Smoke and Diamonds is a  taupe grey very similar to Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe, on the other hand, tends to be more taupe then grey. Knight is a blue based grey and is limited edition. It is supposedly very similar to the permanent colour, Knight Devine. Silverthorn is a gorgeous limited edition colour that is a mix of blue, grey and gold. According to the base, you can change its colour and its very unique in my opinion.
 This last row has some amazingly stunning colours. Carbon, of course, is a matte black, which is not very good. Its pigmentation is questionable because it is not as black as I'd like it to be despite the number of times it gets used. Sometimes the black appears on the green side and I'm not quite sure why. It needs to be more pigmented for sure. Shadowy Lady is dreadful. Not pigmented, chalky and difficult to work with. It would be stunning if it has better pay off. Plummage is a STUNNING deep peacock green that is super pigmented and creamy. I love this colour because it works wonderfully with green, blue and neutral looks. Nehru is another gorgeous blue colour leaning towards the green side. It is also very pigmented and is one of my favourites. Contrast is a delicious blue purple with navy blue shimmers. Another one of my favourites.

I will be posting the remainder of my palettes. including swatches soon! If you missed looking into the neutral palette swatches here is a link  MAC Neutral Palette Swatches