Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MAC Purple/Pink Palette & Swatches

From Left to Right: Girlie, Star Violet, Creme de Violet, Hepcat, Trax
Sushi Flower, Cranberry, Vibrant Grape, Plum Dressing, Parfait Amour
Passionate, Sketch, Fig. 1, Nocturnelle, Climate Blue
 The pinks and purples palette has to be my favourite. Purple hues tend to look really flattering on almost any skin tone and are especially nice for those who are only stepping their feet into coloured eyeshadows. I find this palette very versatile because a lot of the shades are completely wearable for everyday. On the other hand, there are some other shades that are not so wearable but are nonetheless gorgeous.

 These are the more pinker shades, which, one again, are very wearable. Passionate is a red based pink that looks really nice in the crease or the other v. It also would look nice as a blush. Sketch is one of my favourite eyeshadows. It is purple wine colour with flecks of gold. It looks great as a crease colour with neutral, smokey or purple looks. You can also pat this on the lid with a bright purple in the crease for a nice smokey eye. Cranberry is a must have deep metallic reddish is pink shade that looks stunning on its own or paired with gold eyes. Star Violet is a shade that does not get as much love. It leans towars being more plum and is also great on its own or with deeper brown shades. Girlie is a satin pink on the cooler side and Sushi Flower is a fun bright red pink, lighter than Passionate and would also look great on the cheeks.

Nocturnelle is deep purple with pink shimmers. Plum Dressing and Hepcat look very similar however Plum dressing is a bit more pink, where as hepcat has a bit more of a blue undertone. Fig. 1 is a dark matte violet that is also one of my favourite shades. Vibrant Grape is my most favourite coloured eyeshadow. It is red violet shade that I just love wearing because it really makes brown eyes pop! Creme de Violet is a tough shade to work with because its payoff is not so good. Its a light red violet with gold flecks that looks stunning in the pan but not so stunning on the eyes.

Lastly, Climate Blue is one of the worst pigmented colours out of my collection. Its supposed to be (according to the pan) blue indigo colour that is poorly pigmented. Parfait Amour is a really pretty blue purple shade that I love using with browns. Trax is a very unique shade that I find really pretty. Its a plum purple colour that if not worn properly translates like a bruised eye. Pair it with golds or browns to eliminate the bruisy look to it.

I have two more palettes to post for you guys so look out for that! If you missed out on my other palettes the links are here.