Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Collection & Swatches

I <3 Mineralized Skinfinishes and secretly collect them just because they look pretty. I am fairly new into the game so I only have five but I feel like it is still a good start. 

Stereo Rose is like the coveted Birkin bag of mineralized skinfinishes. I was able to grab this sucker when it was re-released in a MAC collection last year and to be honest, despite its covetedness (word?) I am deeply surprised by how beautiful this shade actually is. Its a subtle rose coral shade that looks awesome on the cheeks!

Petticoat has some gorgeous raspberry veining to it that translates as a opalescent pink on the cheeks, almost like Pink Opal pigment by MAC. It is a really great highlighter and is especially nice to put on top of more matte blushes for an extra glow.

Sunny by Nature is one of MAC's few matte mineralized skinfinishes with very subtle shimmers. It is kind of like a pinky bronze colour that is really nice as a bronzer.

 Refined is one of my favourite highlighters. It is a peachy gold that is very smooth and applies beautiful on the cheek bones. It looks so pretty as both a brow highlighter and as a topper for more matte blushes.

 Cheeky bronze is very pretty on the cheeks and is also one of my favourites. It is a bronzed rosey pink colour that looks so nice on my cheeks as well as on top of more blah blushes.