Monday, February 21, 2011

MAC & Makeup Forever Brush Haul

 A few weeks ago, I have been getting quite a few requests from other people to do their makeup. Never actually having any prior experience, I decided to hit up my local MAC counter for some advice and suggestions on freelance makeup and product information. Ever since then, I decided to make my makeup self useful by not only accepting those makeup jobs but classifying myself as an official freelance makeup artist. My business cards are in the works of being printed and I have slowly accumulated a few products for my "kit". Some of the most important things in an individual's kit are brushes.

Here are a few brushes I decided to purchase, which are mostly duplicates of what I already own. As you can see, I picked up two MAC 130's because after initially trying out the brush, I fell in love. It is a mini stubby version of a MAC 187 or 188. The bristles are much more densely packed and apply foundation beautifully. I also grabbed a another 224 and 217 as they are staples in ones collection. The others, 210 and 204, are a few brushes I wanted to try out as well. 

Makeup Forever has a few brushes in Sephora that are very reasonably priced and are great quality. The "eyebrow brush", which has no number, is such a nifty little angled brush that has dense bristles. The 17s is a larger version of the 224 that is super soft! I highly recommend these brushes to anyone because they are very well worth the price!

If you guys want detailed reviews on any of the brushes mentioned above, let me know in the comments below!