Saturday, February 26, 2011

Army of MAC Lipsticks Collection & Swatches

Wow guys! I am on a role with these posts. I guess, I am just doing this because I know it will be a little slow in the next couple of days because I have loads of school assignments/midterms/exams coming up. I am going to keep this post short and sweet and mostly dedicated to the images and swatches. I tried to classify and organize my lipsticks for easy reference. 

From Left to Right - Rebel, Violetta, Up the Amp, Gladiola*, Bubblegum*, Lavender Whip*

Rebel is a gorgeous deep berry leaning more on the purple side that happens to be my favourite deep lipstick. Violetta used to be pro only, I believe, and is a intense purple lip with blue shimmers. Up the Amp is a darker mauve dirtied lilac purple, if that makes sense. Gladiola is a limited edition lipstick that is SO beautiful! Its a magenta with a touch of purple and is very similar to the other but more recent limited edition lipstick called Petals and Peacocks. Bubblegum is a shimmery purply pink that is a frost and was also limited edition. Lavender Whip is a very light, lavender colour.
From L to R - Vegas Volt, Fresh Salmon*, Ever Hip*, Dressmaker Dressmaker*, Cutester*

Vegas Volt is am amped up coral that is more red than pink or orange. Fresh Salmon, a limited edition lipstick, is a shimmery (also frost) red coral and is on the more sheer side. Ever Hip, limited edition, is a pink coral and is also quite sheer. Dressmaker, Dressmaker was from the collection Pret-a-Papier, and is a sheer very true peach. Cutester was form the Hello Kitty collection and is the most sheer out of all of them. It is a very pink peach with gold shimmers. 

L to R - Viva Glam V, Viva Glam VISE*, High Def*, Laugh a Lot
 For some reason, I totally forgot to swatch this. Look here soon for updates.

L-R Nude Rose*, Angel*, Marquis D'*

Marquis D', recently been repromoted, is a more soft pink that leans more brown or with a bit of peach. Angel is a a sheer pink that seems to be more neutral. Nude Rose is a sheer pink.  

L to R - Girl About Town, Something New*, Pink Noveau, Bombshell,  A Rose Romance*, Speed Dial,  Saint Germain*
Something New is a very hot pink that leans more on the magenta side and is limited edition. It is very creamy and quite opaque. Girl About Town is a hot pink that is a little bit more red. Pink Noveau is almost like a darker bubblegum pink. Saint Germain was limited edition and is a very pale. almost chalky pink. Gaga is a more sheer more yellow or warmer version of Saint Germain that is limited edition, but should still be available in stores. Bombshell is a very frost pink gold that is on the warm side. A Rose Roman is a mid-tone pink with gold shimmer. Speed Dial is a mid-tone pink with a hint of red.

L to R - Viva Glam I, Lady Danger, Cyndi

Viva Glam I is a deep brown red, great for darker skin ladies. Lady Danger is a stunning orange red that is super opaque. Cyndi is limited edition and is more of a red coral that is very sheer. A great alternative and more everyday wearable red.

L to R - Cherish, Underplay*, Shy Girl, Freckletone, The Faerie Glen*, Brave
Brave is more of a reddy brown and I really could not place it anywhere else. Underplay is discontinued and is a neutral brown nude. The Faerie Glen is a limited edition soft pinky nude. Cherish is mid-tone nude brown leaning on the pink side. Freckletone is my favourite nude and is a very warm yellow brown. Shy Girl, a new love, is almost peachy brown.

Hope you guys enjoyed the swatches!! :D