Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NARS Blush Collection & Swatches

This is what we call obsession. I was cleaning out my makeup drawers, re-organizing them, you know the usual when I decided to whip out my 550d to take pictures of my Nars blushers. I wanted to do collection/review/swatch post with detailed and high quality images and I hope that I have accomplished that so, yup.

These NARS blushers have a red undertone and are a combination of both matte and shimmer. Torrid and Taos are shimmery whereas Dolce Vita and Amour are matte. My favourite out of the four has to be Amour, which is much more pink in comparison to the others. Its like a really gorgeous pinky coral that looks ah-mazing on the cheeks.

 Mata Hari is the only matte shade here and has a heavy purple undertone. Sin is my favourite out of the three, and its like a dusty mauve (reminiscent of Stark Naked by MAC, which I LOVE) with subtle gold shimmers. Outlaw could have belonged to the above category because it has more pinky red undertones, but I think maybe it does lean to be more mauve and not so much red, if that makes sense.

 This, my friends, is what we can call the raunchy group, LOL. Super Orgasm and Orgasm are actually not as similar as you might think. (You can see in the swatches) Deep Throat, on the other hand, is more subtly peachy with a very slight pink undertone. All very peachy pink shades.

This is the neutral or peach group, which is my favourite. Lovejoy is a rosey brown, which is so pretty on the cheeks. Luster is a gorgeous apricot peach with golden shimmers = <3 Gilda is a pinky peach and Gina is a true orange peach.

Honestly forgot to take a picture of NARS albatross and cactus flower, the cream blush but the swatches will have to do. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post. :D