Sunday, January 16, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection Swatches

Hi there! As promised, I added the additional swatches of the kissable lip colours released with MAC's latest collection, Peacocky. I decided to re-swatch the other two and place them all together for your convenience. Alongside the lip swatches, I threw in Benefit's Coralista Blush, which as you can tell, looks pale on my skin tone. 

I also decided to include a few more swatches on possible dupes for the colour, So Vain. I looked through my entire collection, and these were the closet things I had. As you can possible tell, nothing is quite like So Vain. 

Mimmy lipglass, from the Hello Kitty Collection, is definitely a lot more sheer in comparison to So Vain. It is more pink but not as pink as Perennial High Style lipglass that came out with London of Liberty Collection earlier this year. Both lipglasses are still more sheer to So Vain's intense and opaque colouring. Dressmaker, Dressmaker lipstick is more peachier or more orange and is again, like the lipglasses, a lot more sheer. That, however, could be credited to MAC's lustre formula. 

In conclusion, So Vain is not quite anything I have, which is why I love it. Its the perfect combination of pinky coral without being overly orange or overly pink. Perfect. :)