Friday, April 23, 2010

Fall Season Favourites

I know I am really late on posting this blog but I thought that since it is spring, I would post a few of my most worn/favourite items of the season.

Instead of doing the usual "moBoldnthly favourites", I though it would be better to do a seasonal favourites since I find I stick the same things month after month. It is a little different, and I will see how this goes otherwise I will make a little bit more frequent. A couple of products that I did love in fall time of last year had become frequent users for me when I was at school. Not a lot is displayed above but I found myself using these products consistently as opposed spending tedious time getting ready in the morning (time of which I could sleep) rummaging through my make up table looking for something to wear.

Laguna Bronzer - Although I am a tad dark, laguna bronzer shows up nicely on my skin. With the very slight shimmers, it strays away from causing my face to look oily. It instantly warmed up my face especially on those lazy days when I did not feel like wearing much.

Painterly Paintpot - I remember once saying I disliked this product because the colour did not match my skin tone at all. But since I use under my neutral eyeshadows I find it to be a really great base. The consistency is fine and it really adheres to my lids.

Makeup Forever HD Powder - I still use this bad boy everyday for the last maybe year and a half. I still have plenty of product left and it never makes my face feeling powdery or ashy. It isn't meant to absorb oil so don't use it for blotting but it does set my foundation nicely.

Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush - Everybody know's how much I raved about this blush and how beautiful it looks on the skin. This dirty mauve pink with flecks of gold is uber flattering especially in the colder months. I love it because it is not obviously pink; just a nice natural flush.

Vegas Volt Lipstick - This was my first coral lipstick and did I ever love it. It was the perfect statement bang, in your face, power coral. I wore this on days when I wanted to stand out a little.

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation - I love this foundation for one reason; its matte. However, its not too matte that it makes you look powdery, its matte and natural at the same time. The only problem I found with this is really emphasizes dry patches, especially when you have a healing pimple. On those days, I made sure to moisturize well.

Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer - I love the texture and pigmentation of this concealer. Although it is incredibly pricey the amount of product used makes up for it.It glides on easily and really covers without looking fake.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I don't prefer this to Urban Decay Primer Potion and this is my one regret of the season. I especially found this to not work well with my oily lids, and despite its promise to preventing creasing it did. This was a huge bummer, but I really relied on my painterly paint pot during the fall season and it never seemed to disappoint.

Well, there it is! Let me know if you prefer monthly favourites or seasonal favourites.